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Sprinkler System & Backflow RPZ Testing

Vital to preventing the spread of fire, sprinkler systems need rigorous testing from experienced professionals.

Sprinkler Systems and Backflow/RPZ systems are vital to any building’s fire defense system—few things are as important as being able to count on the sprinkler system functioning properly during a fire. Like fire alarms, a sprinkler system is an integral part of any building’s automatic defense responses independent of human action. At CTS Fire & Safety, we treat these systems seriously by training our staff to not only test them, but also service them if necessary. You don’t have to schedule a service stop with a third party repair crew that will potentially cause more production downtime while the system is being fixed.

NFPA requires these systems to be tested annually, and CTS can coordinate our inspections with other fire and safety equipment service in your building to minimize production interruptions and give you the confidence that your building meets every standard of safety and is always ready for inspection. Let’s start a conversation about how CTS Fire & Safety can help you Expect More with your building’s Sprinkler System and Backflow/RPZ testing and service.

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