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Pre-Engineered Kitchen Systems

The biggest culprits of building fires, kitchen systems require educated pros bringing them up to code.

Pre-engineered kitchen systems are a particular area of focus for CTS Fire & Safety, and there’s a reason-statistically, the kitchen is the most likely place for a fire to occur, and whether it’s a busy school or a food processing plant, a properly-functioning kitchen system is the best first defense against such fires. NFPA requires these systems to be tested twice a year, and our experienced and knowledgeable team can come in and perform full testing and service to make sure your system is in full working order and comfortably meets every standard of safety. Additionally, our clear and detailed documentation allows you to see exactly what was worked on and gives you a thorough report to have on-hand for inspectors or insurance purposes.

Your kitchen system needs to work perfectly—both responding when it’s supposed to, and not going off when it isn’t (false activation). And CTS is the provider you can trust to make that happen. Let’s start a conversation about how CTS Fire & Safety can help you Expect More with your building’s pre-engineered kitchen system testing and service.

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