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Matt Davidson, Timothy Christian Schools

Why We Trust

Timothy Christian Schools

Elmhurst, IL
Education Facilities

Matt Davidson


“One of my top priorities is the safety of our students and staff, and we’ve entrusted CTS to help us with this important task. CTS possesses a clear commitment to safety and excellent service. This company works with enthusiasm and integrity.”

Superintendent Matt Davidson works hard to ensure the safety of the faculty and the entire student body at Timothy Christian Schools, and he trusts CTS to work alongside him in that effort. With a reliable and local solution like CTS, he knows that he’s only a phone call away from having trained professionals verify the secure status of his school around the calendar.

Dave Jordan, Little Rock-Fox Fire Department

Why We Trust

Little Rock-Fox Fire Department

Plano, IL
Government Entities

Dave Jordan

Assistant Fire Chief

“For us, what’s most important is the experience of the technicians, the quality of work that’s being done, and the competitive pricing. CTS immediately impressed us with all three. We love the fact that they’re local—every time we’ve called, the service has been same day.”

As the Assistant Fire Chief of the Little Rock-Fox Fire Department, Dave Jordan is called to be a cool head in times of emergency and distress. The last thing he should have to worry about is the emergency-readiness of his own building, and that’s why he trusts CTS with their fire and safety needs. “Knowing we have the right equipment that’s been properly serviced is everything,” he says.

Steve Deveraux, Ridge Ambulance Service

Why We Trust

Ridge Ambulance Service

Montgomery, IL
Fleet Management

Steve Deveraux

Vice President

“We’re a fast-paced company, and scheduling is important to us. CTS gets the job done on time so that we can keep our fleet on the road and up to code.”

As the vice president of Ridge Ambulance Service, Steve Deveraux knows a thing or two about safety. And for him, being able to trust CTS with making sure that his fleet is always equipped with the proper fire safety apparatus and that service work can be done without interrupting business is extremely important.

Mark Miller, KR&G Excavating

Why We Trust

KR&G Excavating

Oswego, IL
Fleet Management

Mark Miller

Fleet Manager

“For my line of work, it’s important that our equipment is serviced professionally so that I know it’s well taken care of, and our partnership with CTS has allowed me to do that. I love that they’re a local company and they’re easy to do business with.”

KR&G Excavation in Oswego, Illinois relies on CTS Fire & Safety to keep their fleet of large vehicles up to code and outfitted with the proper fire suppression equipment at all times. For Mark Miller, this means knowing he never has to worry about the safety status of vehicles he manages, and that if a need arises, CTS is a local solution that’s just a phone call away.

Stephen Dawidiuk, DeWitt Property Management

Why We Trust

DeWitt Property Management

Multiple Locations, IL
Property Management

Stephen Dawidiuk


“As a property manager, it is extremely important to me to know that when I need something done, I get excellent workmanship, good pricing, detailed reports, and I never have to worry about it. That’s what CTS does for me. They make taking care of my needs a priority—that’s everything to me.”

Property managers work hard for their clients, making sure any and all issues are handled quickly and professionally. And Stephen Dawidiuk loves that he can expect the same from his fire and safety providers. “CTS understands the relationship and they’re always right there when I call,” he says. “I can’t think of anything better they could do for me.”

Heath Dannewitz, Sahara Air Products

Why We Trust

Sahara Air Products

Sandwich, IL
Industrial & Manufacturing

Heath Dannewitz

Safety Director

“For me, it’s simple—CTS does what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it, and it’s always done well. In my line of work, that’s everything.”

Being a safety director means having the responsibility of one of the most important aspects of any workplace, and that’s why Heath Dannewitz trusts CTS with making sure Sahara Air Products is always protected and ready for inspection. With a massive production facility and dangerous equipment, the experience at CTS is invaluable in ensuring that the necessary fire and safety apparatus is properly installed and ready to perform.

Dan Rivera, Fox Metro Water Reclamation District

Why We Trust

Fox Metro Water Reclamation District

Montgomery, IL
Government Entities

Dan Rivera

Safety Chairman

“The quality of service work CTS does and the detailed reports we receive makes it a clear choice for us. When you find a local company that does great work and gives you great service, it just makes doing business together easy.”

The Fox Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant is an advanced high-efficiency facility that treats the water from a population of over 300,000 in northern Illinois. Understandably, Dan Rivera’s role as Safety Chairman prompted him to find a local fire and safety solutions provider that he knows will keep the facility up to code and on-guard against disaster.